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AOL Senior Web Engineer 09/2009 - Present


Coded and launched Cambio on in-house proprietary CMS amidst a tweetstorm of anticipation. Wrote custom ad call and stats reporting logic using Javascript and PHP.

AOL Studios

Implemented and built Studio site using HTML5 Boilerplate, jQuery, CSS. Created multiple structured data templates for more flexible content display, and editorial consistency.

Engadget Pawnation

Created user commenting interface for Engadget iPhone app in HTML and CSS. Converted multiple blogs from outdated Java-based CMS to modular PHP based CMS. Contributed to voluntary group of front-end developers committed to creating a company wide best-practices site with full documentation focused on page load times, page render times, search engine optimization and code consistency.


Built sponsored video series hub and content pages with consistent presentation across multiple sites using content templates.


MTV Networks Web Developer 04/2008 - 07/2009


Built XML feeds using PHP/cURL from calls to MTV Games Sevices API. Built data-heavy site that pulled from those same feeds to create realtime leaderboards and game stats profiles using XML/XSLT. Created a "Play Now" button that let users into a competitive chatroom exactly 10 minutes before a show's airtime and that disabled itself 10 minutes before the end of the program, using jQuery, Flash, and an XML feed. Airtime sync had to take Into account timezone, server caching and Akamai caching. Created a grid of 15 game achievement badges with rollover descriptions using only CSS and a single GIF. Completed entire project to sync launch with on-air dates.

Remote Control Hollywood Crush

Created a single custom WordPress theme to deliver consistent HTML across multiple domains each using its own custom style hosted centrally on mtv.com. Created and modified existing WP plugins to fulfill specific functionality requests. Created system to allow different blog owners enable different sidebar content modules built from category, sub-category, tag, most recent, or custom page data.

Pimp My Ride

Created parameterized video playlist and player Javascript embed with jQuery, XML and CSS. Built standalone site to professional design standards using Flux-hosted, web administration panel and configurable content modules.


Twistage.com Lead Support Engineer / UI Designer 08/2007 - 04/2008


Supported client programmers from wide range of skill levels with integration of the Twistage video platform into dynamic, database-driven websites. Assisted development teams using the Twistage public APIs in video deployment projects from India, Europe and North America. Troubleshot customer Javascript, PHP, XML and SQL code from an on-call ticketing system. Researched, tested and deployed and oversaw deployment of standalone and managed support ticketing systems.

console.Twistage.com Designed and implemented new UI for the Twistage console - a web based video management application using GIMP, Rails, HTML, CSS and Javascript. Worked with a team to plan, design, and implement custom Flash player skin design interface upgrading it from a URL field and an XML config file to a interactive, visual UI using Rails, HTML and the Prototype Javascript library. Refined and optimized display of Ruby on Rails web application bringing consistency and order to hundreds of RHTML templates. Created a context-sensitive expandable outline menu for extensive documentation section using Rails and Javascript.

Designed and implemented multiple Flash video player interfaces (skins) using GIMP and XML. Designed and implemented icon themes for sets of navigation buttons and tabs throughout the Twistage web application using GIMP and HTML/CSS.


Mercer HR Services Web Administrator 09/2004 - 07/2007

www.LessRetirementStress.com www.MercerWealthSolutions.com www.ibenefitcenter.com www.mercerhrs.com

Planned and coded and MercerHRS.com HTML for fast page loading and for search engine optimization. The cleanest and most forward-looking coding practices were used while maintaining cross-browser and cross-platform design unity. Internal link tags and specal labels were used to make the site accessible to the blind and to those who may not use a mouse to navigate.

Proposed, created and maintained 'MHRS Sandbox' CVS repository for all of web team's working project files. Opened discussion on reevaluating the sequence of steps and deliverables in the web team's project lifecycle. Created open repository for documenting CSS and HTML coding practices on MercerHRS.com explaining usage and giving code examples.

Planned and began testing for a proof of concept intranet site to keep track of communication department's web time submissions in our own local database using MySQL and PHP5.

Guided back-end programmers in modifying Siebel Portal's CSS files to meet design expectations.

Outlined plan for reorganizing server architecture from processor-heavy transaction-based client customizations to a logic-based flat site engine minimizing cost of server equipment, increasing scalability and interface control over our client sites and adding value to our existing products by offering full client design customization.


Freelance Development 2002 - 2004




HotJobs.com Web Developer 10/2000 - 08/2001

humana.softshoe.com, unilever.softshoe.com [inactive]  

We The Shoppers Senior Web Designer 11/1999 - 10/2000

www.wetheshoppers.com [inactive]  

Freelance Development 1999




Cyr Sign & Banner Senior Designer 03/1998 - 04/1999

Created original designs and layouts using CorelDraw for output to plotters and routers. Maintained contact with clients tracking proofing and approval throughout the design process. Managed accounts including: Victoria's Secret, Tufts and Harvard Universities and DeWolfe Realtors.


Personal Development

Brooklyn Beta October 21, 2010

Mobile Apps With Web Standards talk with David Kaneda.

jQuery Boston 2010 October 16-17, 2010

Two day conference discussing developing trends and best practices using jQuery.

HTML5 Bootstrap Training August 11-13, 2010

Three day intensive seminar in HTML standards and practices given by Peter Lubbers at Google's NY office.



48 credits towards BFA at Maine College of Art with a focus in graphic design.



Available upon request.

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