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My web server logs all search engine queries that lead to this web site. Most of these must have matched my old journal entries which are temporarily offline. Here are the highlights from the last six months:

  • sign that my boss is flirting with me
  • journal on shopping bags attributes
  • darned socks
  • freelance profile pop designer pepsi
  • styrofoam letters
  • sealcoating school
  • punk rock desktops
  • blender.gif
  • muhammad ali stencils
  • raising maggot
  • fantasy babes
  • what is the size of guam
  • burritoville burritos calories
  • dough stretcher
  • big nose day disses
  • how do i make myself puke?
  • burnt with her cigarette
  • metallic smell in bedroom
  • buy scarred but smarter
  • caught up in the rapture midi
gratuitous blender image

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