How to compare two remote branches using git

I can’t believe it took me so long to find the answer to this question. Hopefully this will help others out.

git diff --name-only origin/release-candidate origin/master

Before I deploy my newest code to production I want to double check that the files that I think I’m pushing out are the ones I’m actually pushing out. This gives me a list of files that have changed, and if I see some that I’m not expecting in that list, I know something went wrong with a merge somewhere.

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April 26th 2012
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Valid Scrabble and Words With Friends words that are also first names

This is a list of first names that also have a meanings as regular words. It began as an amalgamation of two separate lists I found at Knowgramming and and has grown over the last year as I came across new ones. Feel free to add to the list ...
January 24th 2012
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Feedback for the Nest Learning Thermostat

I got a Nest thermostat and have been very happy with it. They emailed me recently to take a customer survey so I'm sharing my comments here, too. I was stumped trying to set the Away state from my iPhone app to the point where I just adjusted the temperature down ...
November 28th 2011
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Getting the Custom Sidebars plugin working for WordPress

The WordPress plugin Custom Sidebars is a valuable and powerful plugin and can help site owners and editors create custom experiences across their websites. Myself and others I work with were confused by the UI of the admin area of the Custom Sidebars plugin and its convoluted setup workflow so ...
August 1st 2008
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Ruby on Rails for Mac OS 10.4.7 Tiger

I bought a couple of Ruby on Rails books hoping to learn my way around the development platform but have been pretty confused with getting the environment set up. I get by so much on pages like this when I'm troubleshooting I figured I'd put this up to help anyone ...
August 1st 2008
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Search engine strings

My web server logs all search engine queries that lead to this web site. Most of these must have matched my old journal entries which are temporarily offline. Here are the highlights from the last six months: sign that my boss is flirting with me journal on shopping bags attributes darned socks freelance profile ...


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